In this course, Steven Kats explores various project delivery models, emphasizing alternative approaches beyond the traditional methods. Whether you’re an infrastructure owner or simply curious about delivery models, you’ll gain insights into hierarchy, procurement, and contracting. By the end, you’ll have the tools to choose the most efficient delivery method for your project.

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Have you ever wondered how a sketch becomes a reality? Project delivery involves multiple parties, and understanding different methods is crucial. Steven Kats has a lifelong career in infrastructure, rooted in his family’s 85-year-old construction business.

This course explores delivery models—hierarchy, procurement, and contracting—helping you choose the best approach for your project, from home renovations to billion-dollar expansions. Join Steve and unlock the potential of alternative delivery models.

Understanding Various Project Delivery Models

  • Hierarchy, Procurement, Contracting

  • Design-Bid-Build vs. Alternative Models

  • Risk and Schedule Considerations

Optimizing Project Outcomes through Collaboration

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Collaborative Delivery Models

  • Open Book Communication

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